Directional Boring

Replace your underground pipes without destroying your landscape. Directional boring is a method of installing water, sewer and gas lines underground without digging trenches. As a result, directional boring has a minimal impact on the dig site. It does not disturb surrounding areas, including driveways, sidewalks, roads, parking lots, and even creeks. It also can be completed faster than traditional excavation work. No excessive digging.

Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation equipment combines high-pressure water and air vacuum. This system cuts through the soils and breaks it up. The vacuum then lifts the slurry from the excavation area. The debris is transferred to a debris tank. This allows for a non-destructive and more accurate way to excavate soil and locate underground utilities.

Gas Fireplaces

Want gas logs in your fireplace? Revamp your dated, drafty fireplace by installing a gas fireplace insert. Fits inside your existing wood-burning fireplace opening, Uses natural gas or propane, Has beautiful real flames and realistic logs, Easy to operate with remote control or wall switch, Keeps warm air in and cold air out.

Gas and Water Line Replacement, Repair, and New Installation

From 2’ to 1,000’ we are there for you call us today the president of the company will come out to do a free estimate. At Waker Plumbing, the owner’s are dedicated to providing satisfaction to all of our customers.

​Do you have leaky, worn out, rusted, corroded, or busted pipes? We know this could get frustrating, No problem for Waker plumbing our professional team will take exceptional care of you and fix the issue so you don’t have to.

Want to update your home and/or remodel?  We have you covered – call us for new faucets, shower heads, toilets, garbage disposals, outside faucets, washer hook ups. We do whole house plumbing.

Waker plumbing can provide you with your new hardware or we can suggest places for you to look and choose your own.

Natural Gas Appliances

Would you like to have a natural gas stove in your kitchen or a gas grill on your patio? We do the hard work for you on installing your gas line. Natural gas is efficient and produces heat faster than electric your food will be done faster so you can enjoy your time to relax.

Tank or Tankless Water Heater

We provide the best water heater brands that are recommended or you could purchase your own and our trained professionals will install.

Tired of the bulky 40-50 gallon tank in your house or the water/electric bill being so high go tankless These systems only heat water as needed.

We do quality work with a 1 year warranty on parts and labor. If you purchase your new water heater thru Waker Plumbing and we install we haul away your old one so you don’t have to.

Gas Line for Pool Heater

Tired of closing your pool as soon as the weather gets cold? Are you looking to extend your swimming season by more than just a few weeks? Gas Heaters are a great way to quickly heat your water, and allow you to enjoy your pool for months past the end of swimming season! Great for in-ground pools in every type of climate, Gas Heaters are designed to extend your swimming into the early spring and late fall by efficiently heating your water to a comfortable swimming temperature. Gas Heaters are very efficient energy users. Please call 937-434-2678 to get your gas line installed for your pool heater.

Sump pumps

install a sump pump to prevent future flooding and leaking issues. That way your basement or substructure stays dry.